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Topsail Bracket Busters

Welcome back for the 5th Annual tournament challenge!


    In 2014 we had an amazing response from our clients about the 1st Annual Bracket Challenge and decided to bump up the prizes in 2015.  After countless requests and all the positive feedback from last year, we have decided to offer a surprise to our champion and runner up this year!  Whether you are a die hard college basketball fan or a spectator on the sidelines, we are all a part of March madness.  With this 2015-2016 NCAA season wrapping up, we each have the opportunity to score big and fill out a bracket.

    You are receiving this invitation & the chance to win 1 of our 5 prizes, because you're part of our or family.  There is NO COST to enter and every chance to win one of these great prizes.


Topsail Bracket Busters

NCAA Bracket 2018


    The Topsail Bracket Buster challenge and the NCAA Tournament begin this Thursday.  We encourage you to make your picks today, so you don't miss that cut-off line.  We want to make this a fun and enjoyable experience for all of our clients, so we have provided 2 ways to enter your selections.  All brackets must be submitted by 12:00 pm on 3/15/2017.

  • Simply log into our Topsail Bracket Buster group by clicking:  Bracket Challenge
    • Sign In to or create a new account
    • Enter the Bracket Group password  -  "topsail2017"
    • You're in... just complete your bracket
  • Alternatively, you can print out one of the brackets, fill it out, and then scan or fax it to us directly.  Already have one completed, just take a clear picture with your phone and email it over.  You can find these brackets by clicking:  Printable Bracket

    In just 5 short minutes, you can submit your selections and take a step towards our grand prize.  You must be a registered client on our website to compete in the tournament challenge.  If you aren't already on there, just sign up before submitting your bracket.  Feel free to call us with any questions regarding this contest or Topsail Island properties you may be interested in.  Thanks for your time and enjoy the chaos that is March Madness!



A Big Thanks Our 2017 Winners!