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Foreclosures are a great way to save big bucks when buying a new property. However there are also many pitfalls to watch out for. That's where a qualified agent comes into play.  We can help you analyze the purchase by understanding the degree of competition, market price, whether the home is distressed, why inspections are not possible and many other small details.

Sometimes these “deals” come with a lot of red tape and only experience can give you the best chance of getting a great price and a safer purchase with limited surprises. Let us guide you through the purchase process and leave you with nothing but the enjoyment of your new home.


Short Sales

So you found your foreclosed home, but the bank doesn't own it? That would be considered a short-sale and can be quite tricky. This happens when the bank offers the home owner a chance to sell the house at a price that is lower than the amount of the mortgage, to avoid a foreclosure. This is also an area where emotion of the seller and local laws can be quite complicated. With multiple parties involved this type of purchase needs to be managed and proper expectations need to be outlined from the beginning.

Some of these transactions involve back up offers, 6+ month closings, and attorneys.  Your trusted agent can really help you with reading through the complex documents and ensuring that both you and the seller come out experience a successful sale.


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